April 29, 2016

Paul’s reputation was shattered on Monday. A simple accusation stirred up his whole dirty laundry as all the students he was physical with were interrogated by the police; many of them claimed they were dragged into something against their will to spare themselves and their parents the embarrassment. That, of course, made him look like a total predator.

Lying about rape was one of the biggest risks I’ve ever taken. My story had to hold up or else I’d be marginalized and scrutinized by the entire university. However, since I had Paul’s sperm, there was no way anyone could question the credibility of my accusation; the subsequent DNA test as well as my compelling testimony were enough to secure his conviction. To add more evidence, I bought an identical version of his low engineer leather boots (size 13) online and walked in them around my apartment to create his footprints.

My plan was put into motion last Friday, one of the days he had off. After all the hacking and gathering of information and proof to solidify my claim, I moved on to the actual incident of my own rape. I staged a chaotic environment inside my apartment and inflicted several bruises on different parts of my body to add a realistic dramatic effect; I scratched my face, tore off my clothes and moved things around in my room to make it less neat. Then I grabbed the sperm sample, dipped my fingers into the small container and proceeded in inserting it deep inside my rectum. I added more pressure and used a hammer’s handle to bruise the area and show indication of forced entry. I threw the container in the sink and rinsed it with water to hide the evidence.

When I was finally ready, I grabbed the phone and dialed 911. A dispatcher answered seconds later. In my mind, I had a very clear, almost scripted sentences of what I was going to say, but due to the severity and traumatic nature of the incident, my speech had to be distorted, almost incoherent; I rambled, talked fast and incessantly, my voice cracking towards the very end.

Two police officers, a woman and man showed up at my apartment and asked me what happened. I told them to the whole story and showed them the e-mails before they started moving around and doing their usual forensic investigation procedure.

I was then driven to a nearby hospital where a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner took me into a private room and asked me to undress so she could examine me. She swabbed the relevant anatomy and checked the rest of my body for signs of aggression; there were plenty, and she made sure to include even the minor ones in my patient report. The report was then presented to the police and a private conversation between them occurred while I waited outside. Both officers then came to me and informed me the developed evidence was strong and guaranteed a prosecution. The university was immediately alerted and it didn’t take long for law enforcement to invade Paul’s apartment and arrest him.

When Paul was brought in handcuffed for questioning, he was flustered and visibly upset as three cops dragged him inside the interrogation room. I was being escorted outside of the police station by one of the officers after filing my report when we almost ran into each other; he went hysterical when he saw me and tried to attack me. I was ecstatic and filled with satisfaction knowing that it was all over for him. His reputation has finally been tarnished and his life turned upside down. The news regarding his brutal crime spread throughout the entire community, and by the end of the week, not one single person wasn’t fully caught up with the scandalous story.

The case was about to end up in court, but I expressed to my assigned lawyer that I was too distraught to testify and that my detailed description of the rape along with the extensive amount of evidence should’ve been enough to convict him. Even the girls who came forward and said the sex wasn’t consensual, that they were pressured and intimidated by him when he was physically present around them. There was no way out for him. Even if he didn’t up doing time in jail, it was at least guaranteed he’d never be able to come near a school or university ever again.

I’ve been conveniently given time off school and I’m going to use that to fly back home. My parents want to see me and I’d rather be far away from here until the hype surrounding the scandal my rape has caused dies down a bit.

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