October 14, 2036

I’ve spent the last eight days stuck at home and glued to my TV screen now that the city’s lockdown order has become mandatory. It took police almost a week to find Brian Neves’ rotting body and launch an investigation I’ve been following step by step. So far there are no leads and an anonymous [...]

October 6, 2036

Is it true what people say about the world going backward? Looking at what’s going on right now, it sure as hell seems to be true. Humanity has lost touch with itself. I know I’ve always have, so this observation doesn’t in any way apply to me. Over the years, media outlets have given the [...]

September 28, 2036

Losing innocence is unavoidable. It’s part of the process of growing up. As you get older, your body changes and your mind shifts. You gain knowledge and you experience new emotions—both good and bad. It personally took me years to get to that point, mostly because my parents shielded me from the real world, making [...]

September 3, 2036

Dark eras are no longer part of the past. We’re right in the middle of a new, darker and more threatening one. And we might not survive it. American-Italian co-ed Megan LaMantia and ex-college boyfriend Bo Levin were acquitted this morning after having spent two years in prison for the murder of Megan’s previous roommate, [...]

April 11, 2036

When you look at the city of New York from an aerial point of view you’re immediately taken and blown away by its magnificence. I remember my first stroll down the West Side highway overlooking the Hudson. The electric sky above, the golden sunlight streaming magic all around me. It’s the one of the prettiest [...]

January 30, 2034

Ever since I graduated and landed myself a job as a forensic photographer, I’ve found myself slowly becoming obsessed with crime that at some point, I wanted to witness it happen instead of just documenting its aftermath. I had this need of this excitement that came from being present at a crime scene as the [...]

December 18, 2033

It’s 5:30 P.M. on a weekday. I’m standing on the subway platform, impatiently waiting for the train which was supposed to be coming a few minutes ago but due to various painful disruptions across the system, it kept on getting delayed. The subway has become the victim of its own success in the dense city’s [...]

December 7, 2033

“Let’s all dress up in suits and act like we’re the shit.” That’s the first thought that pops into my mind every time an arrogant businessman cuts me off or acts in a critical, holier-than-thou sort of way. Men in suits hold the ultimate power in this world. Wall Street guys, CEOs, brokers, real estate [...]

November 28, 2033

David Casserly is probably the only man I’m close to that I haven’t seen naked. I know it’s shallow of me to make this observation when there’s so much more to him and our friendship, but sex has been on my mind quite a lot lately and I can’t seem to be able to shake [...]

November 4, 2033

Even though we can’t turn back time, we’re at least capable of closing our eyes and imagining what could have been. When I got home last night, I felt nothing. It was a different kind of emptiness. I felt so useless, so weak, so incapable. I couldn’t get the images out of my mind — [...]