April 1, 2016

Getting back at people has become some sort of a side job; a necessary obsession. I’ve choked down the bile for so long, holding on to the grudges which only added to my suffering. However, I’m not dropping them; I’m not going to cry out my anger and indignation and allow myself to be victimized. I’m going to stand up and fight to make things right; even if that means some people have to get hurt.

I’ve grown so rancorous towards Paul that I’m ready to do to him what I did to both Tye and Heather. Even worse; I wanted him fired or thrown in jail. I’ve stalked down Seth and provided him with the money to get him to start working on getting me access to his e-mail. Once he did, I didn’t waste any time and started digging inside his inbox. I found some questionable messages exchanged between him and some of my classmates (or should I call them “classcunts”?). Paul’s e-mail was provided for educational purposes, but he was using it as a tool to flirt with girls at the university; none of them were shy and flirted back. The messages were extremely vivid and descriptive, but the full scope of the online interaction between them was limited because numbers were exchanged when his intention to bed them became clear. I couldn’t help but wonder how retarded he must be for going to such lengths to make his creepy fantasies come true. He was unapologetically blunt about his desires which I thought was dangerous; if one of these girls ended up being a psycho, he would’ve been in deep trouble; he would’ve been expelled and never able to teach again. Was the sex really worth ruining his career for? Apparently it was and still is. And I’m more than happy to help him fuck up his life for good.

Yesterday after class, I decided to stalk him hoping I’d catch him in the act with another student. I put a cap on, wore an oversized jacket and wrapped a scarf around my neck before following him to the parking lot with my camera. As he got into his car, I got ready to hop on my bicycle once his car started to move. Once it did, I proceeded with my pursuit. He drove around campus for a while until one of the female students, Samantha, showed up. I snapped a photo. She looked around before rushing to his car and getting in. They drove away at a higher speed and I tried to keep up with them without getting too close. The commute wasn’t long. They pulled over into an alley and parked the car halfway inside. I got off my bicycle and grabbed my camera. I was hoping they’d get out of the car together so I could capture them, but they didn’t. I was disappointed but kept the car in sight regardless. I thought about moving around to get a clearer view of the front so I could take another photo, but I was worried I might be seen, so I kept on watching from behind. A few minutes later, his window opened, and something was thrown out. I waited for them to leave before getting close to inspect the object; it was a condom filled with cum. Looking at it, I started getting ideas, weird ideas with a lot of potential. Since sperm survives for half an hour and thrives in water, I grabbed the rubber, rushed back home and dumped the fluid in a container and put it in the refrigerator.

Here’s the breaking down of my plan of attack: I’m creating a scenario where I include myself in the group of people’s he’s been persuading to have a sexual relationship with him. Although he comes off as bisexual to me, his targets, as far as I could see, were all women, so my first challenge lies in that area. But I’m a genius when it comes to making shit up. It’s going to take a lot of discipline and patience to fabricate a solid, believable story. Starting this week, I’ll be sending a message from my e-mail to his, asking questions about a certain lesson or an assignment. I’d then go to his e-mail and send messages in response to mine. I’ll keep the messages saved on mine but delete the ones sent by him so he doesn’t see them. Seth provided me with a program that disables any kind of notification that would alert him his e-mail has been logged into from an outside source. A couple of weeks later, our conversations will slowly take a different, more flirtatious turn and I’ll move things to phone conversations. I thought it was almost impossible to hack into his phone, but Seth is so skillful he’s able to break nearly every measure of digital security that blocks his path.

For the climax, I’m going to frame him of rape. That’s the hard part. However, I’ve learned that meticulous planning and dividing jobs into smaller parts makes things way easier than impulsively throwing myself in critical situations that could possibly backfire.

I’m perfectly aware of my insane psychological deep dive and my downright savage behavior, but I’m hellbent on destroying both his career and personal life. It’s happening and I’m not backing down.

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