October 13, 2013

I had a normal day at school today. Nothing new. It rained heavily and the weather was cold.

I was sitting in class this morning and saw the weirdo of our class, Mia, sleeping with her head inside her science book. I turned and told Hilda to take a look, and we both burst out laughing so loudly. Bernhard, Claudia and Norbert had noticed her before, and they were giggling in the back. The teacher interrupted his lecture and looked at the five of us. Claudia pointed at Mia, and then the whole class started laughing hysterically. Mia is the most unusual girl I’ve ever seen. I think she looks like a zombie. We all do, actually. Her hair is brown and very long, her eyes dark and creepy. Then there’s her voice: it’s extremely deep and manly.

After school, Hilda and Claudia wanted to go shopping and asked me to come along. I agreed to go because I didn’t want to come back home. I get so depressed when I’m there. I needed to buy myself some new jeans anyway. Distressed, slim fit jeans are so in this winter. I also need to get some new video games for the weekend. Mom will be so pissed when she finds out I’ve spent my whole monthly allowance halfway into the month. Oh, well. It’s not my fault they don’t give me enough money.

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