October 21, 2013

It’s funny and strange when you think about something, and then one day, it happens.

There’s this guy called Stephen who goes to my school who I think is perfect. He’s fit, ripped, has short, fair-brown hair that’s often messy, and light brown eyes. He’s the most popular guy at school. Since he enrolled at Palmerston, I’ve found myself drawn to him. He’s like the brother I’ve never had. He plays soccer, and so do I, and I always wished he’d play on my team. I just want to be as close to him as possible. I want to be friends with him. Since he injured his right foot after falling down and twisting his ankle last week, I never thought I’d see him play for a while. I saw him sitting down on a bench during gym class, but during recess, when I was getting ready for our weekly game, he announced he was joining us which put an immediate smile on my face. Stephen was playing on the team against ours. I felt empowered every time I kept him from scoring. Unfortunately, I never got to speak to him. I was too shy to even get too close. And him knowing how good-looking he is makes it even harder.

At the end of the day, Lucy came up to me and complimented my soccer skills. I’ve been noticing her following me everywhere lately. Wherever I turned, there was Lucy. She’s pretty. I like her. She’s not in my class, but we often exchange words when we’re hanging out with mutual friends. I heard she’s a bookworm and at the top of her class which I find admirable. Being smart is always a good thing, especially when it works for my advantage. When I mentioned how bad I was at math, she suggested to tutor me. I’m not sure I’d like that, and I don’t really feel comfortable inviting people to my house. My parents are so fucking annoying. They’ll think she’s my girlfriend and they won’t stop obsessing over us. I’m not even sure how I feel about her yet.

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