June 16, 2033

In America, a violent crime happens every thirty seconds. The attacks almost always take place in small towns, in the rural backwoods or in the suburbs somewhere. However, they also take place in big cities like New York. And a lot of times when they do, the circumstances around them are murky at best. They're [...]

May 30, 2033

Resorting to the geographical cure by moving to New York only seemed to trigger and reinforce my longing for Matthew. The idea of moving there initially came across as refreshing especially since the city itself felt like it’s been beckoning me for a while now. However, I know so well that the desire to move [...]

May 4, 2033

Some people commit crimes in the heart of passion and then sloppily dispose of the body and evidence while others plan the murder for months — sometimes even years, and then work out the best ways to cover their tracks. Staging a crime scene requires a lot of attention. The way the elements are moved, [...]

April 27, 2033

Being a forensic photographer is not for the faint-hearted. Whether it’s photographing a woman with gushed out organs or a reeking decaying human body, you have to keep it together at all times. Being the pessimistic that I am, I find a lot of comfort in dealing with death and tragedy. The overwhelming feeling of [...]

April 19, 2033

I tried to get the old Felix Eberstark out of my system to safely cross over to the other side of life, but it wasn’t completely possible. The Felix who never stopped drifting into trouble, whose past was peppered with violent rows remains and will always remain inside of me. It’s out of my control. [...]

December 26, 2027

I’m a warpath. I’m a decaying piece of shit. My insides are cold and frozen; my heart black as night. I can’t control the disintegration, but I can feel it happening, and every day it just gets worse and worse. I can feel myself being ripped apart; my tormented soul slowly descending and burning into [...]

November 8, 2027

Depression is like a poison. It takes us over and holds on to us without letting go. At first, we think of it as a phase; one that’ll pass. So you hold on. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. But then the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and before [...]