April 19, 2033

I tried to get the old Felix Eberstark out of my system to safely cross over to the other side of life, but it wasn’t completely possible. The Felix who never stopped drifting into trouble, whose past was peppered with violent rows remains and will always remain inside of me. It’s out of my control. [...]

December 26, 2027

I’m a warpath. I’m a decaying piece of shit. My insides are cold and frozen; my heart black as night. I can’t control the disintegration, but I can feel it happening, and every day it just gets worse and worse. I can feel myself being ripped apart; my tormented soul slowly descending and burning into [...]

November 8, 2027

Depression is like a poison. It takes us over and holds on to us without letting go. At first, we think of it as a phase; one that’ll pass. So you hold on. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. But then the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and before [...]

October 19, 2027

Psychopathy is an understudied psychological issue that’s virtually impossible to understand yet people want to claim they completely got the disorder all figured out by jumping to conclusions and over-villainizing everyone suffering from it. Matthew’s burial at Silver Cliff Cemetery in Bellingham had caused tremendous controversy between town folks and victims’ family members. The city [...]

September 25, 2027

Before my high school graduation, our principal, Mr. Karlheinz Schröeder asked the school faculty to gather all of the senior students inside the basketball court. When we went inside, he was already there waiting patiently, his eyes fixated on the floor. When we all sat down on the bleachers, he finally set his eyes on [...]

September 20, 2027

Matthew’s death feels like a punishment that continues to elude me. My mind is fixated on him and isn’t allowing me to think about anything else; even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. The way I see it now, the night of the shooting was a sacred ritual during which part of his soul [...]

September 11, 2027

A dozen people filed into a small room to watch Matthew Eldon die. I was informed to arrive at least an hour before the scheduled execution. Everyone was intensely searched before we were allowed to go in. Prison guards escorted us into the witness room. Inside, there were three rows of metal folding chairs. In [...]