December 7, 2033

“Let’s all dress up in suits and act like we’re the shit.” That’s the first thought that pops into my mind every time an arrogant businessman cuts me off or acts in a critical, holier-than-thou sort of way. Men in suits hold the ultimate power in this world. Wall Street guys, CEOs, brokers, real estate [...]

November 28, 2033

David Casserly is probably the only man I’m close to that I haven’t seen naked. I know it’s shallow of me to make this observation when there’s so much more to him and our friendship, but sex has been on my mind quite a lot lately and I can’t seem to be able to shake [...]

November 4, 2033

Even though we can’t turn back time, we’re at least capable of closing our eyes and imagining what could have been. When I got home last night, I felt nothing. It was a different kind of emptiness. I felt so useless, so weak, so incapable. I couldn’t get the images out of my mind — [...]

October 31, 2033

When walking in the streets of Manhattan, the subject of the paranormal wouldn’t be the first thing on someone’s mind, especially not amongst all the crowds and never-ending noises of traffic. The city itself is a reality check. It’s hardcore, fast-paced and intense. Despite all of that, the subject of ghostly sightings isn’t uncommon. When [...]

September 27, 2033

For many years, New York has been considered a perversion, a rotten town full of dirty streets and outrageous people. A wayward city hooked on drugs. It’s fast, intense and doesn’t seem to take a break. In order to fit in, you have to adapt quickly. Otherwise, you take the risk of being left behind [...]

August 5, 2033

Female serial killers are rare compared to male serial killers. Women make up only 15% of serial killers while men fulfill the other 85%. Compared to males who mostly kill for sexual gratification, females usually take a more pragmatic approach to killing people off. They usually kill for profit and power. This kind of motivation [...]

June 25, 2033

It's like I'm infected with a disease. Strong, incurable and fatal. Matthew. He's in me, and I can't seem to be able to push him out. When I'm awake, I think about him, and when I'm asleep, I dream about him. Scarcely a day goes by when he doesn't cross my mind. Last night, he [...]

June 16, 2033

In America, a violent crime happens every thirty seconds. The attacks almost always take place in small towns, in the rural backwoods or in the suburbs somewhere. However, they also take place in big cities like New York. And a lot of times when they do, the circumstances around them are murky at best. They're [...]

May 30, 2033

Resorting to the geographical cure by moving to New York only seemed to trigger and reinforce my longing for Matthew. The idea of moving there initially came across as refreshing especially since the city itself felt like it’s been beckoning me for a while now. However, I know so well that the desire to move [...]

May 4, 2033

Some people commit crimes in the heart of passion and then sloppily dispose of the body and evidence while others plan the murder for months — sometimes even years, and then work out the best ways to cover their tracks. Staging a crime scene requires a lot of attention. The way the elements are moved, [...]