November 14, 2026

Before dedicating myself to being an escort, I’ve barely given much attention to my body. But now, things have changed — drastically.

Delving back into the world of prostitution requires me to look my best. Being older, I had to make the extra effort of being in shape and maintaining a young person’s appearance. Hitting the gym and taking good care of my skin and body have become my two top priorities. I scheduled a meeting with one of the best dermatologists in the city to see what I should improve. After the consultation, I went ahead and scheduled a micro-dermabrasion session to get rid of facial fine lines and produce a new underlying layer of skin cells resulting in the rejuvenation of my skin. Now I’m planning on getting a laser treatment to treat some scars and skin imperfections.

Going through medical procedures isn’t enough to maintain a good and healthy physique, so I met up with a nutritionist to discuss my diet, and I made some research myself to see how I can maintain a good, healthy lifestyle and came up with a strict weekly diet. For my morning routines, I wake up around 6 A.M. and go for a thirty-minute run. Then I come home, take a shower and integrate my usual facial regimen which includes exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturizing my face. Breakfast comes right after and consists of a four egg organic, free-range Mediterranean omelette with in season fresh fruit compote, raw Manuka honey and vanilla greek yogurt which is pure and unprocessed. Finally, I follow that up with a double shot of espresso, and then shoot a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to detoxify, and pH balance the oxygen and alkaline levels in my body. By following these meticulous steps, I found that my outward appearance has noticeably benefited, allowing my body to be at its prime and peak performance. The gym has also become my second home. My workout routine consists of intensive exercises or both my upper and lower body, Mondays and Wednesdays dedicated to the upper body and Friday to the lower body. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do hot yoga, and my week ends with a thirty-minute boxing gym session on Saturday. On Sundays I either rest or go swimming; my swimming sets consist of one freestyle, one backstroke and one breast stroke. I make sure to increase the intensity with each lap. For my protein intake, I’ve substituted regular whey protein with another that’s plant-based. I’ve also been recommended to try collagen protein which has a lot of inner and outer benefits.

I might not really care about how my clients look naked, but I should care about how I look. In the end, that’s all I really have to offer. Some clients like to make conversation and feel a connection, but I think it’s a waste of time. However, I still do it. I pretend to be a good listener; asking questions, laughing at their jokes. I noticed it makes them feel more confident and puts them at ease. If I get along with a client, they’re more likely to book me more. And that’s exactly what I want. I’m now charging six-hundred dollars an hour which means that working a couple of times a week is enough for me to cover my expenses. I’m solely cash based. I’ll be doing that while also maintaining my work as a freelance photographer; not at Rose, but at my own studio. I don’t think I’m welcome to work for Hilda anyway. The only reason I’m keeping up with photography is because I have to have an income that I can report to the IRS to keep them off my back. 

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