December 10, 2024

If there’s one thing I can say about living in this place is that time goes by so slowly. I’ve been here for only a week and I’m already feeling an urge to go back. I’m alone in this big house and it’s a little creepy. It’s literally the quietest street I’ve ever lived on. I look at the pretty houses next door hoping I’d see someone walk their dog or take out the trash, anything to make myself feel more acquainted and at ease with my surroundings. But nothing. So I thought I’d get out for a bit.

I drove around town, checked out some interesting places, took some photos, then drove back home. At night, I sat on the sofa, turned on the television for background noise and ate a full bag of chips, two chocolate bars and drank soda out of the can. I felt pathetic afterwards, so I drove back to town after, bored and sexually starved, and parked in front of a crowded bar and restaurant. As I walked inside and scooped the area, I spotted a few attractive men and women. I wasn’t feeling like being picky, and I was so horny I felt like I’d screw anything that moved. I sat at an empty table and contemplated my surroundings, trying so hard to make eye contact with somebody. I looked at people and fantasized about fucking them in my car in the parking lot.

Finally, someone shows up, shaking off my negative thoughts and feelings: a sexy waitress with a buxom figure. Brunette. Big tits. Your All-American hot chick. She didn’t pay much attention to me at first, but managed to keep my drinks coming. After midnight, the majority of the crowd had left, and it was just her, me, another bartender and a few other people. When she showed up at my table again, I started flirting with her and she liked it. Being able to make girls laugh suddenly boosted up my confidence again. I was proud of myself for still being able to pick up girls.

At the end of her shift, I sneaked into the backroom where she was, walked up to her and kissed her before unzipping my pants and pulling her head down to my crotch. Her warm mouth felt so good around my cock as she moved up and down my hardness. I played with her tits, occasionally squeezing them, at some point even biting them, which she didn’t really seem to mind. I held her and fucked her against the wall. Her moans increased until we climaxed together. After her release, she asked for my number. I gave her a fake one. I don’t think I’ll be going to that bar again.

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