September 28, 2024

The sky was gleaming with dimming stars as I walked toward Matt’s hotel. It was his last night in Iowa and we intended to make the best of it. Earlier in the day, I had received a headless selfie of his upper body showing off one of his favorite suits and ties. I had expressed the desire for him to fuck me while fully dressed and he agreed to comply with my demand. We’ve been seeing each other almost every night this week, and I’m starting to feel like I’m caught up in something serious.

It took me a little while to figure out what I’d be wearing. I knew I wanted to dress more casually and so I ended up in a dark shirt and blue jeans, and complimented my look with a thick leather jacket. I had just taken a shower, my hair slathered with just enough conditioning cream to give it a cool and fresh feel; the crisp air smoothly brushed through it. Along the way, it felt as if I was guided by a time spear although I knew exactly where I was going. Pretending I was magnetized and controlled gave me a lot of excitement as I looked forward to how our night would play out.

“Making progress?” he texted.

I didn’t give him an answer right away. Instead, I waited until I got there to notify him. As I slowly spun through the hotel’s revolving doors my phone beeped again.

“Don’t come up yet.”

I waited until he was ready for me. In the elevator, my heart was thumping, my heartbeats coinciding with the onset of my ascent. Once the elevator doors opened and I stepped out, a sudden surreal air of fear and excitement came over me knowing I was only a few feet away from him.

I walked through the hall, my footsteps rhythmically paced and stopped right at his door. I raised my fist and let it hover against the glossy wood finish as I gathered the courage to knock. I did and carefully waited to hear him walk to the door, anxious for him to open it so I could finally see him. I kept imagining what he’d look like once he’d reveal himself to me. He didn’t open right away, and my excitement rose with every passing second, my palms slowly sweating. The click-clacking of his dress shoes echoed in my ear when he started walking toward the door. I heard him grip the doorknob, rattling it, and slowly opening it; he gradually revealed himself as he peered through it. He was well-shaved in a pinstripe charcoal business suit, just like in the picture he had sent me. Without uttering a word, he disappeared behind the door and I slowly stepped in and followed him to the bedroom. He had a very dominant almost threatening demeanor. He looked devastatingly handsome and taller than usual. I was fascinated by his sheer devilry and warped mind. We were both thrilled by the chase and the conquest. He walked to the middle of the room and turned around to face me. His eyes shined in the dark and his face was half-obscured. I walked up to him and ran my fingers upwards through his shirt. When I reached his collar, I sneaked my hands inside his coat and ran my fingers downwards, feeling his well-formed chest and solid abs underneath the tight fabric.

“We must not soil the suit,” he said.

I looked up at him and saw him grinning down at me. I didn’t know whether he was being serious or not, but I assumed he was. He kissed me abruptly, over and over, the pressure applied by his tongue slowly forcing its way into my mouth, prompting me to open it and suck on it. He moved away from me, gently took his coat off and hung it on a hanger. He undid his tie and pulled up his sleeves before lurching at me and spinning me around. He gripped both of my shoulders, his hands like steel clamps, and pulled down my jacket. He threw it on the ottoman. I unbuttoned my jeans and dropped them to the floor. I heard him unclasp his belt and without any warning, he entered me. I grabbed onto his thigh and tried to push him out, but he grabbed both of my wrists and firmly positioned them crossed on top of my lower back. He fucked me hastily while I watched the slight blurred reflection of our silhouettes in the glass window, the lowered lamp shade occasionally shining straight into my eyes. My thighs and hamstrings ached as I struggled not to collapse.

“I’m going to cum!” I screamed.

“Don’t cum,” he ordered rather firmly.

He stopped and let go of my arms causing me to fall flat on the bed. I reached over to my pants and pulled them off my ankles while he seductively shed his clothes and neatly folded them and put them aside. I contemplated his bulging biceps, wide muscular shoulders and v-shaped back; the sloping transition between his back and butt immediately thrilled me. I took off my shirt and he appeared right in front of me like a ghost. His hair fell across his forehead, large beads of sweat glistening around the edges of his face. He grabbed my waist and dragged me underneath him. I wrapped my hands around his neck, entwined my ankles above his lower back and let him take me again. He straightened his back, pushed me down and fucked me senselessly before reaching over and getting ahold of his belt and tying it around my neck. He pressed his palm against my forehead and buried my head deep between the pillows. He resumed thrusting, then stacked two pillows on my face and shoved them in while pulling the belt in his direction. The intense feeling of arousal caught up to me as I reached the verge of losing consciousness. After I came, it was his turn. I got on top of him and rode him at a fast and steady pace and he came within seconds.

Unlike many other sexual encounters where emptiness and regret take over right after climaxing, I always felt happy and waited for the moment he’d curl his arm around me and cover me with the sheets. Being with him is like experiencing an enticing never-ending dream. His aura puts me in an altered state of consciousness. No words would be exchanged, just looks. Looks that mesmerize me. I’d be completely and deeply caught in his gaze that I can’t look away, even if I tried. Instead, I allow myself to get lost in his eyes and drift off into a fantasy world where he only is in control.

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