August 18, 2024

Last week, Ryan and I came across a flyer that capped both of our attention as we made our way to The Englert Theater for a show. It was destined to young local photographers who wanted to feature their work at the Sioux city Art Center next month. All I had to do was go online, fill out a form and submit my work. The theme was “The Macabre” which suited me perfectly.

One of the things Anita praised me for when she saw my work was my innate ability to turn regular, mundane places into gritty locations filled with mystery. The coloring as well as the way the pictures were taken reminded her of those taken by forensic photographers at crime scenes. That came from my love for detail and obsession with preserving memories. To this day, everytime I visit someplace memorable I have a tendency to take multiple photos of each angle to cover all the elements located in the space.

I was contacted the day after by Delphine Prune and Maurice Clement, two married photographers hosting the event who expressed their desire in using some of my photographs. They asked me to bring my portfolio of photographs relevant to the topic to our scheduled interview tomorrow.

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