June 7, 2024

A bunch of my college friends threw a reunion dinner party at Chad’s house last night. Since I had nothing else to do on a tedious Saturday night, I decided to attend.

When I arrived, Tracy, Chad’s wife, opened the door for me and guided me to the living room where everyone was gathered. When I walked in, I was immediately struck by how much some people hadn’t changed at all while others had. Maybe it’s just my perception that’s been altered by time, distance and maturity. The football player I thought was a complete meathead turned out to be a thoughtful and decidedly agreeable gentleman, and the cerebral coed I remember fondly stroked me as cynical. But as a whole, my class easily fell into a comfortable camaraderie. Some even brought along their spouses and kids. I loved talking and catching up with the ones who did come. They were thoroughly engaging and talkative.

After the party, me and some friends walked over to the university grounds to drink some beer and hang out. Many reminisced about how things had changed. Looking back, we marveled at how much fun we used to have. Then came the time to say goodbye and return home. I was in for a big surprise once I came back to my apartment and logged into my e-mail. Hilda had sent me a message a couple of hours earlier inviting me to her wedding taking place at the Villa Gamberaia in Florence.

After becoming a renowned runway super model, it’s only natural for her to attract the attention of wealthy millionaires, and that’s exactly what happened. I ran across an article a year ago stating that she was romantically involved with Giovanni Chabernaud, one of the wealthiest business magnates in the world. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Galaxias, a European aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company based in Milan.

As I stared at the electronic wedding invitation, I couldn’t understand how everyone managed to build a decent and stable life when I remained this lost boy, now stuck in a grown man’s body. Someone who’s unable to draw his own successful and clear path. And once again, instead of focusing on my future, I let my mind go backwards and fantasized about being a young happy boy in Freiburg. I wanted to revisit my childhood memories, touch them and convince myself that they had been real. I wanted to go back in time and remember every tiny little detail about my life back then. I wanted it all. I wanted to remember it all.

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