March 6, 2015

Ryan broke out into a big smile as soon as he opened the door to his dressing room and caught sight of me; he had invited me to come watch one of his shows at Laocoön Club where he performs regularly. Inside, he offered me a beer, and asked me to sit down. He took his robe off and started doing shoulder presses using a pull-up bar before going back to putting eyeliner and fixing his hair for his performance. He looked dangerously thin, way thinner than the last time I saw him, and I wondered how he managed to lose so much weight; he revealed to me that he didn’t; that the decline was due to a water pill he took before big shows. As I talked to him more and more about what it’s like to be a a go-go dancer, it became clear to me that this type of work demands an exhausting amount of vigor, time and energy. I was mainly fascinated by his humility, knowing it would be easy for someone like him to surrender that part of himself when constantly being looked up and down getting complimented by men and women on a daily basis; it’s easy to lose yourself wandering in a hyper-materialistic world focused on perfect physical appearance without being taken over by narcissism and self-obsession. Ryan’s body was flawless; it was smooth and evenly toned without any imperfections. He was lean with the right amount of muscle. On his right forearm, he had a nice, detailed tattoo of pine trees covering his wrist up from all angles. His left arm had a black and red sleeve tattoo of a peacock with an endless set of narrow, evil-like eyes, and beautiful feathers. I was intrigued and fascinated by the fact he designed it himself; he said he drew a lot of his inspiration from European viking history, Japanese art and occult culture. I was hypnotized as I watched him put his outfit on; a sophisticated and very masculine body harness made of clingy, raw, elastic bands sewn together around his neck and torso, leaving his chest and abs in clear view. The upper piece was paired with a jock from the same exact material as well as forearm bands and short gloves.

Next thing I know I’m in the club’s main space, standing in the crowd facing the stage where he was about to perform. Everyone cheered for him as he climbed up on the platform, totally switching character, his undergoing transformation into a charismatic sex symbol mesmerizing the audience in its entirety; he looked like a total sexpot. If I were to be up there with hundreds of eyes watching me, I’d be self-conscious and intimated as hell. It takes a lot of gut not to be fazed in this kind of spotlight. Once he was done performing to the first song, he walked over to the side of the stage where Tye was waiting for him; he took a sip from his drink before walking back to the center to dance again. I l absolutely loved watching him; he had some unique, fun moves that kept the performance exciting. Girls couldn’t stop screaming his name. By the end of his second performance, the place had turned into complete mayhem that a couple of bouncers had to intervene to restore as much order as they could.

Right after his performance, I left the club and made my way to Crystal’s apartment; my first ever female client I recently started chatting with online. When we first got in contact and talked about meeting up, she was very upfront about her being a dominatrix. I wasn’t familiar with the term and had to do my research, and the results were a bit intimidating. I wasn’t sure whether I could go through with something like that. The world of BDSM has always been fascinating to me. I enjoyed exploring the kinky side of sex, but only from a distance; it sure has a world of its own, and the erotic activities practiced in it are limitless, sometimes even dangerous, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to engage in something as edgy just yet. There were no boundaries to that kind of sex, and it wasn’t clear to me how far she wanted to go.

Crystal was a sultry and extremely seductive thirty year-old woman from Slovakia with super pale skin, platinum blond hair and clear blue eyes. She’s currently married to a man whose sexual behavior is limited to what’s conventional. She said she convinced him into engaging in raunchy sexual behavior countless times; he only agreed to try it once and didn’t like it.

“I wish he wasn’t so vanilla, but I love him. That’s why I’m making a huge compromise by staying with him”, she regrettably revealed to me.

“What am I in for?”, I reluctantly asked.

She didn’t immediately give me a straight answer, instead, she lit up a cigarette and took a long drag and exhaled sharply, her eyes slowly setting on mine, a hint of a smirk appearing on her face. I knew I was in for something major then. She rose from her chair and walked up to me looking all sexy and spectacular in her black tank top, black leather pants and thigh-high boots. She smiled wickedly and kneeled down until she got to my level. I gulped when she faced me, and she ran her long, sharp manicured fingers through my legs and up to the inner side of my thighs, slightly massaging the crotch area to excite me. She watched my reaction carefully, and I made sure to look like I was enjoying it.

She then stood up, took a few steps back and stretched her right leg forward, and I watched not knowing what we were doing next. She asked me to get on the floor and lick her boots, a sexily menacing timbre suddenly taking over her voice; it was like she owned me. I proceeded to licking them before she pulled my hair and tilted my head backwards. She leaned in, took her tongue out and licked the tip of my upper lip and before I knew it, her mouth was covering mine. Her kisses were repetitive and rough; she used her teeth and didn’t care whether or not it was making me uncomfortable. She then walked me to her bedroom, her hand firmly wrapped around my wrist. Inside, she yanked down her leather pants and exposed her bubbly ass. She slowly leaned over to the bed and seductively spread her ass cheeks wide open and ordered me to bury my face between them. I licked her hole until my tongue turned sore. Once she’s had enough, she turned around, set one hand on my torso, got up and pushed me back until I reached an arm chair I immediately fell right into. She unzipped my pants while I laid straight back, and grabbed my cock and started stroking it before devouring it and sucking on it like a lollipop. I took advantage of the moment to scan the room, examining the things she had displayed on her dresser and nightstand; furry black handcuffs, a ball gag, a rope, a blindfold, a leather hogtie and a locking collar and other toys I wasn’t familiar with. The thought of not agreeing to certain things she wanted to do crossed my mind, but the thought of disappointing her was worse and even bigger. All I could do was give my consent and trust that she knew was she was doing. She gestured me to get up once she’s had enough of my cock and dragged me to her bed. She ordered me to get on all fours and spread my ass cheeks. Every time I looked back to see what she was doing, I got screamed at. I heard her pull something from underneath the bed, and it didn’t take me twice to figure out I was about to get it up the ass with a strap-on dildo. She smeared lube all over her it and applied the rest of the liquid by fingering my insides. She gripped my hips from behind and leaned into me, her body glued to mine, and started pushing the dildo into my tight ass. She fucked me with gusto, and although it wasn’t my first ride, it still hurt. She fucked me hard, delighted in the noises I painfully made every time she pushed herself further and further inside me. My legs ached from the positioning and I felt my rectum getting bruised by the rough pounding. I gasped loudly with pain and pleasure. I could hardly breathe at that point. She turned me around to face me, her eyes focused on mine. She carried on fucking me, making sure every thrust went as deep as it could, speeding up and eventually leaning in and tightly squeezing my throat. She occasionally let go when my vision blackened, but immediately resumed choking me as soon as I regained my breath; she was in a perfect bliss knowing she was fully in control.

For Crystal and a lot of other women who practice pegging, it’s mostly a way to assert power and control. It’s not about sex as much as it’s about dominance. The empowerment that gives them is what gets them off. The merciless force she exerted on me was her ultimate orgasm. It was definitely a whole new type of power dynamic I never knew about.

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