February 18, 2015

Moving here, there were a lot of things I thought would be easy to manage like bills and groceries, but the expenses tend to add up before you even know it with phone bills, internet and other subscriptions, so I had to figure out a way to manage all of that. I started cutting back on food, and consumed some of Joey’s so I don’t starve, but since he’s so neurotic, I made sure to only eat a very small amount of so it’s not noticeable. Yesterday, though, I took it too far by eating a piece of his leftover steak, and he completely went off on me when he got home. I also had no idea his case of OCD was of the highest.

He also said one of the neighbors complained to him about strange noises and loud music coming from the apartment late at night, preventing them from sleeping; although it was true that I was practicing my secret habit at night while having music on, there was no way anyone could hear anything as I was very careful on maintaining a moderately quiet environment with the music playing at low volume.

The week I moved in, he was nice enough to show me around town; we went to his usual Irish bar and had a few drinks. The bar only took cash, and so at one point he had to use the ATM machine to withdraw some money. Being the nosey person that I am, I stood right behind him as he entered his PIN and memorized it. I desperately needed to get the money I owed Ryan and get the hell out of his place as soon as possible. I thought about acquiring his credit card and withdrawing some of his money, but I knew it wasn’t a good idea, so I looked around in his bedroom for some money and was lucky enough to find three-hundred dollars in an envelope neatly hidden in a DVD case. I took the whole amount and returned the case exactly where it was; however, I knew he’d immediately realize I was the one who took the money, so I didn’t end up putting the case back and threw it in the garbage instead. That way he’ll think he misplaced it.

I had contacted Carly before making any big moves and asked her if she’d let me sleep at her dorm for a week until I moved into my apartment, and she happily agreed; we got along so well and had the exact same schedule. It was also a good way for us to spend time together, helping each other out with homework assignments and art projects. The morning I left Joey’s place, I woke up early to not have to deal with him and packed all my belongings. Before I left, I wrote him a note and decided to pull of one more payback trick; I crushed some laxatives and mixed the powder inside every single food item he had in his kitchen. I guess he’ll be seeing a lot of his toilet for a long while.

I’m never living with a roommate ever again.

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