June 25, 2014

I feel stuck. I hate when things get out of my control. I was supposed to go jogging by the lake today and return home but found myself stuck with my high school friends instead. I bumped into Hilda and she was obviously furious at me for not returning her calls and texts. To make it up to her, I agreed to spend the day with her and a bunch of her stupid friends. Stephen was there, and his presence was so stressful to me I almost left at various instances. He’s so intimidating to be around.

After swimming, we stopped at Heimat, a burger place located in Altstadt. Hilda kept on going on and on about her party and insisted I attend. After lunch, Claudia dragged me with her to the mall to buy herself a fucking dress. She kept trying ones that made her look like a baby prostitute, and I had to help her choose. She doesn’t even know what looks good on her which I find ridiculous. It took her forever to try the last one on because it was a size smaller and she insistingly wanted to fit in it. As I waited for her outside holding her tacky purse, I couldn’t help but feel like my time was being wasted. I walked away from the fitting room and scooped the men’s section. I found a cool v-neck that I really liked but couldn’t afford. I didn’t have my sensormatic alarm tag remover with me either which pissed me off. I asked a sale associate if they had more in the back and he said it was the last one. I couldn’t leave without it so I took Claudia’s wallet and checked how much money she had; plenty. I’m sure she doesn’t even know the exact amount with all the crap in it; it was filled with expired receipts and crumbled cash shoved inside like worthless pieces of paper.

I went to the cash register with my t-shirt, paid for it and went back to see if Claudia was done. She wasn’t. I waited a few more minutes and I could swear I heard a rip as she walked out. She acknowledged the fact the dress showed a pesky bulge but said she had proper undergarments to hide it. I wasn’t really sure about that, but I knew better than to disagree with her because that would’ve kept us there for at least another hour, and I was so ready to get the hell out. I smiled and told her she’ll look mighty fine at the party.

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