May 10, 2014

It’s over. What a relief! I’ll never have to deal with school after this. My exams went very well. I’m confident that I’ll pass.

Prom is in less than two weeks. I have to make up my mind about which suit color I should get. I’m sure everyone will either be wearing black or dark navy so I’m thinking gray. I need to stand out. Lucy’s no longer my date. Things have been very weird between us since our last encounter. I don’t think we’ll be talking anytime soon. It’s okay. It’s not like I was the one who pushed her to have sex with me. She did. And athough the situation ended up being awkward, nothing really embarrassing happened, so I don’t understand what she’s so worked-up about.

I’m guessing she’s afraid I told people about it, but I didn’t. I can see why she’d think so, though. Guys my age like to brag and gossip about girls, and when it comes to sex, things can get nasty.

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