May 2, 2014

It was Frieda’s birthday this week. She’s our next door neighbor. She has two boys, Jansen and Jérôme, who I used to be close to until they both moved away for college. She recently divorced her abusive and alcoholic husband.

Frieda is the only person I feel like I can trust. When I have problems at home, she’s the one I’d talk to. However, I make sure to never reveal too much. I really enjoy her non-judgmental personality. She’d listen to me talk for hours and give me great advice on how to deal with my annoying mother. She’s easy to be around. I like her very much, and so this year, I thought I’d get her something special. I didn’t really have a lot of money to spend, though, and I often find it hard to spend my money on other people. I went to Schwarzwald, the only big mall in Freiburg with the intention of shoplifting some jewelry. I walked to Roxette because I heard it was the most popular. I found some nice necklaces with matching bracelets and got her a golden one with white pearls. The store is pretty small, and the employee working there was very vigilant, so I knew I had to pay for either the necklace or the bracelet to get away with shoplifting either of them. I decided to buy the bracelet because it was cheaper, so I broke the one displayed and made him go inside the backroom to get me one in better condition just so I could steal the necklace. There were a couple of surveillance cameras inside, so I had to be very discreet and careful. I stood behind the biggest stand and used that as a cover to slowly put the necklace in my pocket. Seconds later, he was back outside. I asked for my purchase to be wrapped in a nice bag and left.

I wouldn’t shoplift just for anyone. Just the people I feel close to. And Frieda has no one. Her husband left her, and her kids recently left her too. She really has no one, and I didn’t want her birthday to go unnoticed.

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