April 26, 2014

Hilda’s sad I’m ignoring her. I haven’t been returning any of her calls. Maybe that’ll teach her a thing or two. I’ll never forgive her for what she did.

I still feel so bad for Simon. He was nothing but supportive of her. He always made sure she was happy and she took his kindness for granted. I sent him a text to check on him and his reply was very minimal which bothered me but is totally understandable. I’m just disappointed by the fact he only sees me as Hilda’s friend. I guess I won’t be seeing much of him anymore.

Stephen has become so vain and it’s annoying me. I’m finding more comfort distancing myself from my usual crowd and hanging out more with Bernhard and Lucy. Lucy’s really fun when she’s not all over the place. You can actually have a conversation with her unlike most of the other girls. I think I’ll have sex with her at some point. I just have to be mentally ready for it. Being a virgin, there’s a tremendous pressure of having sex for the first time. I just hope for both our sake it won’t be awkward or unpleasant. I’ve heard plenty of people say how their first time was a disaster. Fingers crossed I won’t be joining the club.

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