April 14, 2014

We were hanging out at the cafeteria today when I felt an urge to get a hold of Hilda’s phone. When she and Claudia went to grab lunch, I immediately reached for it. It had a passcode, but I knew the digits. I’ve watched her enter them countless times.

Hilda’s passcode is 0208 (her birth date; August 2).There were a couple of messages from Stephen that confirmed they were together. I now kind of wish I hadn’t known. I looked up the last messages she exchanged with Simon, and to my shock, she had broken up with him literally a week after her and Stephen met in detention.

I can’t believe how she threw away a three year relationship so easily. It’s like Simon meant nothing to her at all. I’m also furious at the fact she didn’t bother to tell me. She’s become someone I can’t recognize anymore. Like, who am I to her? Nobody?

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