March 25, 2014

I had a terrible day at school today.

I overslept and my mom went bat-shit crazy when a squirrel sneaked into our kitchen. I thought it was funny and wished I could’ve stayed home to see how that situation ended. I arrived at school and realized during math class that we had a homework assignment that I totally forgotten about. Hilda too. The teacher gave us both detention. I loathe that moron with every cell in my body. I feel like he gets off on torturing people. I hope he gets hit by a truck and dies.

Detention was at four P.M. Stephen was there. He seemed too comfortable but that’s because he’s such a bad boy. He keeps getting himself in trouble for the stupidest reasons. Mrs. Ackerman made me sit next to the grossest nerd while Hilda got to sit next to him. I couldn’t stop looking their way the whole time. Being a womanizer, he wouldn’t stop flirting and touching her which really bothered me. Then the most shocking thing happened. After we were done, he offered to drive her home and she let him. That wasn’t very wise, since she has a boyfriend who loves and worships her. I don’t think it’s fair to him. Stephen, as I’ve heard from different girls, is a lot of trouble. Breaking hearts is like, his thing. I’m afraid this will end badly.

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