January 9, 2014

Rosamunde left early this morning for Dommitzsch. She came here a couple of weeks ago with her husband, Tobias and their daughter, Elsi to spend the holidays and the new year.

My sister is undeniably brighter than me when it comes down to huge life accomplishments. She has both a Master’s degree in business and physical education. Growing up, she showed a lot of interest in ice skating when I was more drawn to art. However, since dad is a huge sports fan, he made me go to soccer practice and during the summer of 2008, pushed me to become a swimmer since I loved diving and could easily hold my breath underwater for almost five minutes. He was very disappointed last year when I quit. I still play soccer, but I’m not keeping up with it properly. Unlike me, Rosamunde has shown a lot of consistency. She sets goals and works so hard to reach them, which I admire. The amount of pride she’s gotten since she won the gold medal at The German Figure Skating Championships is what I don’t admire about her, though.

Having her family here for Christmas is always overwhelming because I have to deal with her daughter whom I can’t stand. She’s so hyperactive. Add to that the fact that I despise kids. I absolutely can’t stand them. I personally think they’re a burden. You have to worry about raising them, feeding them, taking them to school and buying them stuff. I don’t see the point in having them. They’ll just grow up and leave. So what do parents get out of that? Rosamunde often swore she’d never have kids, primarily because being pregnant would put her ice skating career on hold. However, Tobias is ten years older than her, and he desperately wanted kids, so she made an exception. Hopefully I’ll only have to deal with just one next time they’re here.

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