November 17, 2013

Yesterday in math class, we were given a ten minute break during which I started chatting with Hilda.

A few minutes into our conversation and out of the blue, Jülia, one of the phoniest bitches in our class, turned around and asked me to be quiet. I lowered my voice and then she still had the nerve to turn again and she shut me up. That pissed me off so bad I imagined stabbing her countless times in the head. I wanted to start an actual fight with her but didn’t think it was worth it. I also didn’t want to cause a scene in class and end up in detention. However, I was furious I couldn’t just let it go. She’s such a bully. She’s always rude to me and Hilda, and once started a physical fight with Claudia. It’s clear this girl is looking for trouble. For her, it’s thrilling.

During recess, while everyone was outside, I sneaked back inside our classroom and spit out my chewing gum and glued it on her chair. When the bell rang and everyone was back inside, Jülia sat on her chair without paying attention, and minutes later, her whole ass was covered in gum. Two classmates sitting behind her eventually noticed and brought it to her attention and she went berserk. She stood up and started screaming at Josef who usually causes trouble, accusing him of being the one behind the whole thing.

The fight escalated into something bigger that the teacher had to physically grab both of them and throw them out. They both got detention. Take that, bitch!

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